It will never be boring!

Not only is Copenhagen Camping’s location completely unique, with its short distance to many fun and exciting places to visit and cultural offerings both locally, in the city and on the Swedish side of the bridge. The campsite also offers lots of opportunities for hours of fun and entertainment, with new activities being added on a regular basis.

We have one of Denmark’s most beautiful miniature golf courses for both big and small players. The nine holes and their attractive surroundings aren’t just a pretty sight. The course is actually built in accordance with official American standards. So, no matter whether you play miniature golf for fun or are more serious about the game, the course will be right for you. While you play, you can enjoy the beautiful plants, while you look at goldfish swimming in the course’s beautiful pond.

If you can tear yourself away from the campsite, there is a wide range of local activities.

On the site..

You will also find a petangue field here on site, there is made out of gravel. Like the miniature golf course, it is built in accordance with national standard measurements, so if you lose a match you cannot use the size or the surface as an excuse. Children haven’t been forgotten, we have a fantastic playground filled with equipment, goats and not least, the main attraction which is a giant bouncy castle. Once you have had enough fun at the playground facilities, you can take a ride in one of our many mooncars. We provide them to our guests free of charge, so all you need to do is get going.

Here at Copenhagen Camping, we are blessed with great weather and are convinced that we have far more hours of sunshine than in the rest of Denmark. However, if a rain shower should pass, there are plenty of indoor facilities that are worth a visit. Such as our brand new fitness room with free weights, an exercise bike, a cross trainer, multifunction tower etc. As well as our large dining room with billiards and table football.
If you would rather wait for better weather in your own quarters, then remember to bring your laptop with you because we have free wifi on site.

Here at Copenhagen Camping, there is no need to be bored and this applies both to adults and children.

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